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Reports of Cycling Tours (Several Days, including Luggage)

Lake Constance -
Lake Garda 2015

Through the Alps from
Lake Constance to
Lake Garda

cycling tours,bicycle tours,alps,lake constance,lake garda

Cevennes, Ardèche 2013: Cycling tour in Southern France along the Ardèche, across the Cevennes and Gorges du Tarn.

cycling tours,bicycle tours,cevennes,ardeche,gorges du tarn

Pyrenees 2012: Cycling tour in Southern France from the Mediterranean coast across the Pyrenees to the Atlantic coast.

cycling tours,bicycle tours,pyrenees,canal du midi,southwestern france

Abruzzi (Campo Imperatore), Latium 2011: Cycling tour in Central Italy across the regions Abruzzi (including Campo Imperatore) and Latium. Besides mountain hike across Gran Sasso d'Italia.

cycling tours,bicycle tours,abruzzi,campo imperatore,latium,central italy

Umbria, Southern Tuscany 2010: Cycling tour in Central Italy, from San Severino Marche to Orbetello across Umbria (including Piano Grande) and Southern Tuscany.

cycling tours,bicycle tours,umbria,southern tuscany,piano grande,monte argentario,central italy

Lake Como - Lake Garda 2010: Cycling tour in Northern Italy (Lombardy) from Lake Como across the Southern Alps to Lake Garda and continuing through the Po Plain to Mantova.

cycling tours,bicycle tours,northern italy,southern alps,lombardy,lake como,lake garda,mantova

Vercors, High Provence, Liguria 2009: Cycling tour through Southeastern France and Northwestern Italy from Valence in the Rhone Valley to Nice, across the Vercors, the High Provence, the Southwestern Piedmont and along the Ligurian coast.

cycling tours,bicycle tours,vercors,high provence,liguria,france,italy

Southern Italy 2008: Cycling tour in Southern Italy through the regions Basilicata and Calabria.

cycling tours,bicycle tours,southern italy,calabria,basilicata,monte vulture,dolomiti lucane,sila,pollino,aspromonte

Provence 2008: Cycling tour through the Provence (Southern France) from Orange in the Rhone Valley to Nice, across Mont Ventoux, Canyon du Verdon, Gorges de Daluis and Gorges du Cians.

cycling tours,bicycle tours,provence,france,canyon du verdon,mont ventoux,gorges de daluis,gorges du cians

Northern Spain 2007: Cycling tour from the French Basque region across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela.

cycling tours,bicycle tours,northern spain,way of saint james,camino de santiago

Apuan Alps, Tuscany 2007: Cycling tour starting in the Po Plain (Emilia-Romagna), crossing the Apennines, across Apuan Alps and Tuscany.

cycling tours,bicycle tours,tuscany,chianti,crete senesi,apuan alps,italy

Lake Neusiedl - Lake Garda 2006: Cycling tour from Lake Neusiedl to Lake Garda, through Hungary, Austria (Lower Austria, Burgenland, Styria, Carinthia), Slovenia and Italy (Friuli, Veneto, Trentino).

cycling tours,bicycle tours,passo tremalzo,austria,lake neusiedl,lake garda,burgenland,styria,carinthia,slovenia,italy

Across Italy to Sicily 2005: Cycling tour in Italy, starting in Tuscany, through the regions Umbria, Abruzzi, Campania, Basilicata and Calabria to Sicily.

cycling tours,bicycle tours,sicily,italy,tuscany,umbria,calabria,abruzzi,mount etna

Northern Italy - Abruzzi - Amalfi 2002: Cycling tour in Italy from Lugano to Amalfi through the regions Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzi and Campania.

cycling tours,bicycle tours,po plain,tuscany,abruzzi,campania,amalfi coast,italy
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